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With Congress reconvening after recess and racing towards the midterm elections, many are eying the hot-button issues they’ll be addressing this fall. 

While the immediate priority for Congress is to finish the fiscal 2023 appropriations bills and fund the government, the upcoming elections will provide both chambers with the motivation to force votes on politically sensitive matters like taxes and health care. And with a lame duck session of Congress a virtual certainty, some big ticket items could resurface at the end of the 117th Congress.

How will this impact your organization, and how can you strategize and find opportunities accordingly?

Watch our recorded webinar to view CQ and Roll Call experts preview the next 100 days in Congress. They’ll discuss the likelihood of current bills on the table being passed, potential breakthrough issues to watch, and answer your questions on the pressing legislative issues in Congress this season. 


  • Jason Dick, Editor-in-Chief, CQ and Roll Call
  • John Bennett, Editor-at-Large, CQ and Roll Call
  • Laura Weiss, Tax & Economic Policy Reporter, CQ and Roll Call