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Get unparalleled insights into defense, Budget, health, tech, and more, along with a morning briefing to rent your day.

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Our veteran journalists bring years of experience across a range of topics. Their expertise ensures that you get more than just the headlines.

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Daily Insights on What’s Happening in Congress

The best way to be sure you’re starting your day with all the information you need to know about Congress. CQ’s Morning Brief provides the most up-to-date intelligence on policy before you even get to the office.

Read With Confidence

The information you get from CQ Newsletters comes from a dedicated team of veteran Hill journalists — not a third-party news service. Their commitment means you can trust the information and analysis.

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Get the Inside Scoop on the Appropriations Process

Our CQ Budget newsletter provides a timely and comprehensive rundown of major developments in fiscal policy on Capitol Hill. Readers gain unique insights on the state of the budget and appropriations process, the politics behind it, and the people who drive the debate.

Stay on Top of the Congressional Schedule

Ensure you’re never surprised by the ever-changing congressional calendar with CQ Daybook. Access coverage of all scheduled hearings, markups, and other Congressional events set to occur the next day.

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CQ has boots on the ground in every single closed or open-door meeting on the Hill.


No one else covers the Capitol or Congress at the depth and breadth of CQ.


CQ provides he most up-to-date intelligence on policy before you start your day.

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The award-winning, nonpartisan intel you can trust. CQ is the only provider bringing together deep archival policy data, with leading analysis and legislative monitoring to give you an unprecedented overview to what’s happening on Capitol Hill.

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