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The #1 policy monitoring and analysis tool for the public sector

Your most trusted authority on Congress for government offices and staff.

Get back to what’s really important without the fear of missing something critical with CQ’s tracking solutions.

Understand the Impact

Keep up to speed on how they’ll be affected with the leading context and policy analysis.

Discover and Track

Track, find, and follow the federal legislation and that matter most to you.

Steer your team in the right direction

by getting clarity on budget & appropriation actions behind closed doors.

See the Full Picture

Stay on top of the multiple layers of legislation, policy and politics from draft bills to implementation and updates.

Get bill insights delivered by a dedicated analyst

Extend your team’s capabilities with personalized bill insights delivered by legislative analysts.

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Need to monitor issues beyond Congress?

Stay ahead of impactful legislation
from local to global.

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The award-winning, nonpartisan intel you can trust. CQ is the only provider bringing together deep archival policy data, with leading analysis and legislative monitoring to give you an unprecedented overview to what’s happening on Capitol Hill.

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