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The federal budget shapes the future of the nation and has far-reaching impacts across industries and organizations. With the administration and Congress off to a late start in the federal budget process, and with a looming fight over the nation’s debt limit, time is running out to prepare for the impacts on your organization, industry, and issues.

As federal agencies, Congress, and the White House’s Office of Management and Budget work on an appropriations framework for the upcoming 2024 fiscal year, government affairs professionals must act quickly to stay ahead of the curve and make sure their issues are represented fairly.

Watch our recorded webinar to get in-depth analysis from CQ and Roll Call newsroom reporters about the president’s budget, where the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are positioning themselves, and answers to your most pressing questions.

Experts will discuss:

The ticking clock of the federal budget process and how to keep pace
How the debate over the debt limit will affect spending debates
Timeline for the coming months — and all the ways those timelines can go awry
The insiders’ perspectives on key disagreements and potential concessions
The implications of proposed revenue generators and cuts


Paul M. Krawzak is a senior writer on the budget, appropriations and tax team at CQ and Roll Call. He previously worked for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Copley News Service and newspapers in Michigan and Illinois, covering beats ranging from local government to the Pentagon. He has been with CQ and Roll Call since 2009.

Aidan Quigley, CQ and Roll Call’s budget and appropriations reporter. Before arriving at CQ Roll Call, he covered the Navy and Marine Corps for Inside Defense, reporting on acquisition, budgets and policy. He previously served as the Burlington, Vermont reporter for VTDigger, a statewide nonprofit newsroom.

Laura Weiss is CQ and Roll Call’s tax and economic policy reporter. She previously covered ESG and corporate governance for CQ Roll Call, and launched a newsletter focused on the corporate sustainability and ESG movement. Before joining CQ Roll Call, she covered local news in Westport and Fairfield, Conn. as a fellow for Hearst newspapers.

Moderated by David Lerman, senior writer at CQ and Roll Call. He writes the daily CQ Budget newsletter that gives readers a comprehensive look at all developments related to budget, appropriations and tax policy on Capitol Hill. He is also the host of CQ’s Budget Tracker podcast where he explains how lawmakers in Congress spend the nation’s money. Prior to joining CQ Roll Call, he served on the national security team at Bloomberg News, where he covered the Pentagon and State Department. He previously worked at the Tribune Company as Washington correspondent for the Newport News, Va. Daily Press.