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With armed conflicts still ongoing plus new tensions rising, defense policy and spending is becoming an increasingly important issue for governments and organizations around the world. Just in 2024, more than 1,300 pieces of legislation have been introduced across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

As defense continues to be top of mind for governments and regulators around the world, keeping track of all the different bills and regulations can quickly become an immense task. Are you prepared to stay on top of global defense policies, understand their implications for your organization, and make sure your interests are protected?

Empower your team to track, analyze, and respond to defense policy changes effectively. With insights from over 80 countries and expertise from industry leaders, you’ll be equipped to protect your organization’s interests in a rapidly changing world.

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  • How to leverage legislative and regulatory data from around the world
  • Strategies for engaging with key stakeholders and lawmakers
  • Techniques for visualizing defense policy trends and team ROI
  • Methods to proactively manage security threats
  • Insights into building a centralized repository for policy developments