Legislative Advocacy Solutions

Need to track legislation or policy at the federal and state level, or aim your advocacy efforts at Congress, the statehouses and local lawmakers? Do it all with FiscalNote State Solutions and CQ.
Don’t fall behind. Understand the impact of policy and legislation on your organization. Trusted, comprehensive news coverage powered with precise, real-time alerts.

Federal & State Legislative Advocacy Solutions

Make sure you’re the first person at your organization to know about a bill. Track multiple bills across different issues, from introduction to committee markup to becoming a regulation.
Appropriations get bundled together for passage nowadays, giving you less time to stay ahead of what’s happening. Get clarity on the action behind closed doors and steer your team in the right direction.
Health care legislation is several hundreds of pages long. Stay on top of the multiple layers of legislation, policy and politics of health care, from draft bills to implementation and updates.
Get it verbatim, right after it was said. Set up alerts of transcripts from congressional events, news interviews, committee action, financial transcripts, regulatory coverage, and even on-demand transcripts.

State Legislative & Regulatory Tracking Solutions

State Legislative Tracking

Unlike Congress, the states pass tens of thousands of bills each year. Missing a bill means missing a role in shaping legislation, or worse. Support your mission, members, and bottom line by tracking your issues or industry across all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.
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State Regulatory Tracking

Being out of compliance with state regulations can be very costly. Tracking state registers manually is tedious and leaves you vulnerable to missing something important. Stay ahead of the regulations impacting your issue and your industry at state level.
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Federal & State Advocacy Solutions

Execute a Great Hill Day

Congressional and statehouse staffers get lots of constituent visits. Make sure they remember yours. Keep supporters on time and on message with dedicated app on their phones.

Contact Congressional Staffers and Federal Lawmakers

Hill staffers turn over rapidly at the state and federal levels. You need reliable, up-to-date contact information for them. And you need to know all your messages actually make it through and get delivered.


See how we can help with all your legislative tracking and advocacy needs.
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