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to track legislation

deep policy analysis

to mobilize my supporters

to contact lawmakers

to organize my Hill Day

insights on appropriations

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CQ is the only provider that connects news and analysis, legislative tracking and advocacy for unprecedented access to all parts of the policy process.

You need to give members a reason to renew by monitoring legislation and helping them mobilize.


You’re focused on making the biggest possible impact – by monitoring and acting on the issues. But time and resources are valuable.


You need to stay on top of the news, your industry, hearings, bills and regulations – without worrying about missing something critical.


You’re on the front lines in Washington and need timely intelligence to keep you on top of the headlines and ahead of the debate.

Federal Agencies

You have to stay ahead of the legislation that impacts your agency and monitor budget and appropriations.

Law Firms

You need to be your clients’ reliable resource on their issues in Congress and all 50 states.

PR Firms

Your clients rely on you to protect and enhance their reputations and execute effective advocacy campaigns.

At which level of government do you need to operate?


Need to track federal legislation, federal policy or aim your advocacy efforts at Congress?
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Need to track state legislation, state regulations, or aim your advocacy efforts at state and local lawmakers?
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Federal & State

Need to track legislation or policy at the federal AND state level, or aim your advocacy efforts at Congress, the statehouses and local lawmakers?
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You’re in good company

Here are just a few of the thousands of clients we serve:

You’re in good company

Here are just a few of the thousands of clients we serve:

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Truth Delivered

The most trusted source of information, analysis, tracking and advocacy. We are the gold standard for opinion, insight and non-partisan perspective. 

One Platform

The only company that offers access to the entire legislative process – from news and analysis, federal and state tracking and advocacy campaign tools.   


Customer First

Owned by the Economist Group, we are continually investing in our products and people, giving you the most up-to-date tools, knowlege and analysis. 

Unrivaled Expertise

We are the ultimate insider, and our unmatched network of relationships and expertise has powered the productivity of those who have relied on us since 1945.

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All the latest news, bills and analysis from every aspect of the federal budget.

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Build a website, send emails and create campaigns that get results.

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Digital advocacy advertising solutions to help you scale campaigns and get new supporters, members or donors. 

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