Coalition Building for Advocacy

by Ann Dermody // Oct 16, 2018 CQ Advocacy

One thing is certain in advocacy and government relations: there is power in the voices of many.
It can be as simple as two distinct groups with a common purpose coming together on a shared goal, or as complex as a multi-group conglomerate of nonprofits, association and corporate entities.

Whatever the coalition goal you’ve set your sights on, there are some basic tenets you need to get in place to enhance your chances of success.

Join us for a webinar exploring the how-to and nitty gritty of coalition building, as well as real world examples of successful coalitions in the public advocacy space.

You’ll learn:

  • When to form a coalition and when to go it alone
  • The basic questions you need to ask when considering coalition partners
  • How social media can be your biggest asset in coalition success

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