State Bill Tracking & Analysis of State Laws

Need to track state laws, state regulations, or aim your advocacy efforts at state and local lawmakers? You can with CQ.

State Laws & Regulatory Tracking Solutions

State Bill Tracking

Unlike Congress, the states pass tens of thousands of bills each year. Missing a bill means missing a role in shaping legislation, or worse. Support your mission, members, and bottom line by tracking your issues or industry across all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

State Regulatory Tracking

Being out of compliance with state regulations can be very costly. Tracking state registers manually is tedious and leaves you vulnerable to missing something important. Stay ahead of the regulations impacting your issue and your industry at state level.


See how we can help you with your state and local tracking and advocacy needs.

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State and Local Advocacy Solutions

Quick, Easy, Campaign Tool to Send Messages to State and Local Lawmakers

You need to make it simple and quick for your supporters to send your messages to their state and local lawmakers. Rally them with a tool that’s affordable, easy to set up for non-technical staff, and can track when supporters take action. 

All-in-One Advocacy Software

Show members or supporters your value by keeping them educated about the issues, and how you’re fighting for their interests. Group them into meaningful segments and run multiple advocacy campaigns aimed at state and local lawmakers.

Execute a Great In-District or Statehouse Visit

State lawmakers hear from constituents all the time. Make your visit stand out with constituents that are on time and on message. Keep your supporters coordinated, on schedule, and on their talking points – all through an app they can download straight onto their phones.