Track Federal Legislation & Current Bills in Congress

Need to track federal legislation, federal policy or aim your advocacy efforts at Congress? You can with CQ.

Federal Legislative Solutions

Don’t fall behind. Understand the impact of policy and legislation on your organization. Trusted, comprehensive news coverage powered with precise, real-time alerts.

Make sure you’re the first person at your organization to know about a bill. Track multiple current bills in Congress across different issues, from introduction to committee markup to becoming a regulation.

Think of the best policy newsletter you receive. If you could ask it questions and have it talk back, you’d have the perfect briefing tool for executives. Get personalized briefings from our experts.

Appropriations get bundled together for passage nowadays, giving you less time to stay ahead of what’s happening. Get clarity on the action behind closed doors and steer your team in the right direction.

Health care legislation is several hundreds of pages long. Stay on top of the multiple layers of legislation, policy and politics of health care, from draft bills to implementation and updates.

Get it verbatim, right after it was said. Set up alerts of transcripts from congressional events, news interviews, committee action, financial transcripts, regulatory coverage, and even on-demand transcripts.


See how CQ can help you with your federal legislative tracking, regulatory and advocacy needs.

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Federal Advocacy Solutions

Quick, Easy Tool to Send Messages to Congress

Your supporters care, but they’re busy. Make it easy for them to carry the message to Congress, candidates, and the agencies, in multiple ways, or they won’t act. Rally them with a tool that’s easy to set up for non-technical staff, affordable, and can track when supporters take action.

All-in-One Advocacy Software

Show members or supporters your value by keeping them educated about the important issues and how you’re fighting for their interests. Group them into meaningful segments and run multiple advocacy campaigns aimed at Congress or any federal agency.

Contact Hill Staffers and Lawmakers

Hill staffers turn over rapidly. You need reliable, up-to-date contact information for them. And you need to know your messages make it through and get delivered.

Execute a Great Hill Day

Capitol Hill staffers take a lot of meetings. Make sure they remember your organization’s visit. And make sure your members and supporters remember it too. Keep everyone on time and on message through an app on their phones.