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July 24, 2024 | 2:00p.m. ET


The latest Supreme Court session has delivered pivotal rulings that reshape administrative authority, regulatory practices, and policy frameworks. Join us on Wednesday, July 24 at 2 p.m. EDT, as our CQ newsroom dissects these impactful decisions and provides a comprehensive overview of critical rulings and their far-reaching implications.

In this 45-minute session, panelists will cover landmark cases and their potential impact on your strategies, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate the evolving legal and regulatory terrain. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert analysis and engage in a dynamic Q&A session to address your pressing questions.

Speakers will discuss:

  • The Supreme Court’s rulings on administrative law and their implications for agency operations, including decisions on SEC and EPA actions
  • The court’s overturning of Chevron deference and its significance for congressional action and regulations
  • The abortion-related decisions and their ramifications
  • The fallout from rulings on gun control measures, presidential immunity and more


  • Todd Ruger is the editor for immigration and legal affairs at CQ and Roll Call where he previously covered the Supreme Court, Congress and the Justice Department as a senior legal affairs staff writer. He wrote about the Supreme Court’s 2017-18 term in a book, “American Justice 2018: The Shifting Supreme Court.” Before joining CQ in 2014, he reported on Congress for The National Law Journal and Legal Times. He covered state and federal courts for daily newspapers in Iowa, Illinois, and Florida before coming to Washington in 2012, including death penalty and civil fraud cases while at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. 
  • Mike Macagnone is a senior legal affairs staff writer for CQ and Roll Call, covering Supreme Court cases, the court as an institution and legal issues across the federal government. Previously he covered the 2020 census, redistricting and the country’s changing demographics. Before joining CQ in 2019, he reported on Congress and the federal courts in Washington for Law360, the legal news newswire. He covered local government and crime in newspapers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before moving to Washington in 2015.