Pre-Filing Dates for the 2018 Sessions by State

by Ann Dermody // Oct 31, 2017 Uncategorized

With state legislatures preparing for the second year of their 2017-18 biennium sessions, by December 31st, lawmakers in at least 17 more states will be permitted to submit bills in advance of their legislatures’ formal 2018 commencements. Read on to see who is accepting pre-filing bills.

Already in 2018 Pre-Filing Mode

The pre-filing period for 2018 legislative sessions began in 14 states essentially the day after their 2017 sessions adjourned. During the interim between the first and second sessions of a biennium legislature, legislative offices in state capitols were accepting bills in the following states. Deadlines are in parenthesis:

Alaska (Sept. 29)

Maine (Sept. 29)

Kentucky (Jan. 1)

Delaware (Jan. 4)

Kansas (Jan. 5)

Iowa (Jan. 7)

Alabama (Jan. 8)

Tennessee (Jan. 8)

Vermont (none)

West Virginia (none)

Florida’s pre-filing period began Aug. 9 and ends Jan. 8, while the New Hampshire House’s pre-filing period was Sept. 6-22 and its Senate’s pre-filing period was Oct. 12 to Nov. 2.

Connecticut has a very limited pre-filing capacity for committees only, that began Oct. 1 and ends when the legislature convenes Feb. 7.

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November, December 2018 Pre-filing Periods 

November and December are the busiest months for pre-filing bills with 18 states accepting proposals in the last two months of 2017 in advance of 2018 legislative sessions.

November Pre-filing:

Arizona (Nov. 15 to Jan. 7)

Georgia (Nov. 15 to Jan. 7)

Maryland (Nov. 15 to Dec. 1)

New Jersey (Nov. 15 to Jan. 2)

New York (Nov. 15 to Jan. 2)

Rhode Island (Nov. 15 to Jan. 1)

Utah (Nov. 15 to Jan. 22)

Oregon (Nov. 21 to Jan. 16)

Illinois (Nov. 30 to Jan. 9).

December Pre-filing:

Missouri (Dec. 1 to Jan. 2)

Colorado (Dec. 1 to Jan. 5)

Washington (Dec. 1 to Jan. 7)

Virginia (Dec. 4 to Jan. 5)

Indiana Senate (Dec. 8 to Jan. 7)

Oklahoma (Dec. 8 to Jan. 18)

South Dakota (Dec. 11 to Jan. 18)

Pennsylvania (Dec. 15 to Jan. 1)

New Mexico (Dec. 15 to Jan. 18)

January 2018 Pre-filing:

Hawaii (Jan. 10 to Jan. 18)

As of late October, three states – Minnesota, Mississippi and South Carolina – had not posted the dates for their pre-filing periods.

No Pre-filing:

Six state legislatures – California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Idaho and Wisconsin – do not permit pre-filing bills. In these states, all proposals are submitted only when the legislature convenes. The Idaho State Legislature in 2017 voted to not offer legislators the opportunity to pre-file bills in 2018.

Limited Pre-filing:

Four state legislatures – Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wyoming – do not permit pre-filing bills, or strictly limit it, before the second year of a biennium session, which are exclusively dedicated to budgetary and fiscal issues.

No State Sessions:

Four state legislatures – Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas – will not meet in 2018.