Marketing 101 for Government Relations & Advocacy

by Ann Dermody // Oct 30, 2018 CQ Advocacy


Do these marketing terms sound like double-dutch to you? The good news is you’re not the only one. The bad news is that if you’re in public affairs, advocacy, communications, or government relations these days, you need a healthy knowledge of digital marketing basics.

How else are you going to sell your message, issue, or policy suggestion to advocates, lawmakers or consumers?

In this webinar, our team discusses the basics of digital marketing courtesy of in-house experts who live and breathe marketing every day.

You’ll learn:

  • SEO basics so that interested parties discover your content and educational materials online
  • How – and whether you should – delve into the world of social media advertising
  • Best practices for email marketing, good open rates, and subject line strategy
  • And much more

Stream the webinar now!