Getting Your Issues in Front of New Members and Staffers

by John Haughey // Feb 02, 2017 Uncategorized

With the new 115th Congress come 52 freshman house members, seven new senators, copious leadership and committee changes – not to mention hundreds of new staffers. And that’s just in Congress. In the states you’ve got even more new members taking their places at state legislatures where for many organizations the real action is happening. Those changes mean advocacy organizations have to scramble for attention and start the process of educating on their issues all over again. But how do you stand out from the fray and make sure that you and your message are communicated to the right people in their new roles?

Our webinar teaches you how to put a communications plan in place to ensure you become a resource for new members and their staffs – and then how to get in front of (and what to do when you do get in front of) that all-important lawmaker or their team.

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