Creating a Killer (Big or Small) Advocacy Event

by Ann Dermody // Jun 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Whether it’s a lunch & learn, happy hour, Hill Day, or full-blown week-long conference you’ve suddenly been tasked with, the process of pulling off a successful advocacy event can be paralyzing – particularly when you’ve a million other things to do. Where do you start, what and who do you need to include, when do you need to start planning?
Zach Schafer, Executive Director of Infrastructure Week, and Josh Habursky, Chairman of the Grassroots Professional Network both have extensive experience building, juggling and creating ground up advocacy events and brand buzz.

Check out our webinar with their collective event planning wisdom. You’ll also learn how an event app can turn a potential “hair on fire” planning disaster into an “I got this” one.

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