100 Association Twitter Handles You Should Follow

by Glen Justice // Dec 11, 2014 Uncategorized

100 Twitter Association Handles You Should Follow

In association management, as in literature and film and just about every other endeavor, sometimes the best ideas are stolen.

Call it inspiration. Call it the highest form of flattery. Sometimes, seeing what the other guys are doing and making it your own — ethically, of course — is simply the best way to go.

And so, with an eye toward helping to improve your social media program, the Connectivity blog offers 100 association Twitter handles worthy of a follow and some surveillance.

Why You Need to Look Around

When assessing your social media strategy, you can buy benchmarking studies and hire consultants. They are available in abundance. Money will be your only limitation.

But there’s also something to be said for getting out there and seeing what other organizations are doing. And you can do that for free.

For example, by poking around, you might discover that the American Public Health Association punches far above its weight on Twitter. With 360,000 followers, it reaches more people than many organizations that are far larger.

You might also learn that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (133,000 followers), which supports Republicans, is extremely vocal politically. One recent tweet: “President admits regulations are a mess, but fact is his administration is making things worse.” By contrast, the American Association for Justice (4,180 followers), which represents trial lawyers and leans Democratic, is far less so.

You might also find some fun stuff, like the fact that JoAnn Jenkins, the CEO of AARP, and Jay Timmons, the CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, each have their own Twitter page, separate from their organization.

100 Top Twitter Handles

So, to facilitate some of this fun and inspection, below is a table of 100 association Twitter handles to follow (you can download it here). All are followed by more than 10,000 people, with totals current as of this week, and you can see how they rank — and how your organization compares.

Think we left an organization off? Drop us a note in the comments and we’ll include them next time.

Association Followers Handle
AIGAdesign Professional Association for Design 451K @AIGAdesign
AmerMedicalAssn American Medical Association 451K @AmerMedicalAssn
PublicHealth American Public Health Association 360K @PublicHealth
NRA National Rifle Association 252K @NRA
AMAnet American Management Association 247K @AMAnet
NARealtors National Association of Realtors 174K @REALTORS
USChamber U.S. Chamber of Commerce 133K @USChamber
CFAinstitute CFA Institute 129K @CFAinstitute
NEA National Education Association 115K @NEAToday
ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 112K @ASCD
National Parks Conservation Association National Parks Conservation Association 102K @NPCA
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management 90.1K @SHRM
AmDiabetesAssn American Diabetes Association 80.4K @AmDiabetesAssn
SoilAssociation Soil Association 67.7K @SoilAssociation
TheStrokeAssoc Stroke Association 63.5K @TheStrokeAssoc
AIANational American Institute of Architects 62.9K @AIANational
ALALibrary American Library Association 57.2K @ALALibrary
AMA_Marketing American Marketing Association 50.5K @AMA_Marketing
CEA Consumer Electronics Association 48.1K @CEA
BrewersAssoc Brewers Association 47.6K @BrewersAssoc
awea American Wind Energy Association 42K @awea
ASID American Society of Interior Designers 41.8K @ASID
ABAesq American Bar Association 42.3K @ABAesq
SpecialtyCoffee Specialty Coffee Association of America 39.4K @SpecialtyCoffee
organictrade Organic Trade 37.1K @organictrade
mssociety National Multiple Sclerosis Society 36.5K @mssociety
APAPsychiatric American Psychiatric Association 35.6K @APAPsychiatric
apa American Psychological Association 34.7k @apa
AQHA American Quarter Horse Association 33.2K @AQHA
AAMers American Alliance of Museums 33.2K @AAMers
IEEESA IEEE Standards Association 32.4K @IEEESA
ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology 32.3K @ASCO
ANANursingWorld American Nurses Association 32.4K @ANANursingWorld
ShopFloorNAM National Association of Manufacturers 31.1K @ShopFloorNAM
APTAtweets American Physical Therapy Association 30.1K @APTAtweets
NAHBhome National Association of Home Builders 30.1K @NAHBhome
TheBwayLeague The Broadway League 29.6K @TheBwayLeague
museum_news Museums Association 29.2K @MuseumsAssoc
APA_Planning American Planning Association 28.5K @APA_Planning
NRFnews National Retail Federation 28.3K @NRFnews
AVMAvets American Veterinary Medical Association 28.2K @AVMAvets
AAAS_News American Association for the Advancement of Science 28.2K @AAAS_News
NSTA National Science Teachers Association 27.9K @NSTA
APSphysics American Physical Society 28K @APSphysics
theAGU American Geophysical Union 27.1K @theAGU
LungAssociation American Lung Association 26.6K @LungAssociation
AmerDentalAssn American Dental Association 26.4K @AmerDentalAssn
WeRRestaurants National Restaurant Association 26.3K @WeRRestaurants
AAMCtoday Association of American Medical Colleges 25.8K @AAMCtoday
nasw National Association of Social Workers 24.7K @nasw
PhRMA Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 24.2K @PhRMA
AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 22.9K @AFSCME
alsassociation The ALS Association 22.6K @alsassociation
siggraph Association for Computing Machinery 22.4K @siggraph
ahahospitals American Hospital Association 20.2K @ahahospitals
NABtweets National Association of Broadcasters 21.8K @NABtweets
NASSP National Association of Secondary School Prinicipals 19.3K @NASSP
Comm_College American Association of Community Colleges 19.1K @Comm_College
ASAging American Society on Aging 19K @ASAging
ACEducation American Council on Education 18.7K @ACEducation
BizRoundtable Business Roundtable 18.9K @BizRoundtable
NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principals 18.8K @NAESP
NATPTAX National Association of Tax Professionals 17.9K @NATPTAX
AAnthroAssc American Anthropological Association 17.7K @AmericanAnthro
MFGexecutive Manufacturing Leadership Council & Manufacturing Leadership Summit 17.4K @MfgExecutive
geosociety Geological Society of America 17.3K @geosociety
NAfME National Association of Music Education 16.6K @NAfME
AOTAInc American Occupational Therapy Association 16.5K @AOTAInc
ScienceWriters National Association of Science Writers 15.7K @ScienceWriters
RadiologyACR American College of Radiology 15.6K @RadiologyACR
UFCWIU United Food & Commercial Workers International Union 15.4K @UFCW
LeadingAge Leading Age 15.4K @LeadingAge
AmHeartAdvocacy American Heart Association 15.3K @AmHeartAdvocacy
MBAMortgage Mortgage Bankers Association 15.3K @MBAMortgage
TJCommission The Joint Commission 15.3K @TJCommission
AHAhistorians American Historical Association 14.8K @AHAhistorians
ESA_org Ecological Society of America 14.6K @ESA_org
ASAnews American Sociological Association 14.5K @ASAnews
CTIA CTIA – The Wireless Association 13.5K @CTIA
NationalNurses National Nurses United 13.5K @NationalNurses
NABJ National Association of Black Journalists 13.4K @NABJ
CounselingViews American Counseling Association 13K @CounselingViews
NSASpeakers National Speakers Association 12.9K @NSASpeaker
NALEO National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials 12.9K @NALEO
NatMFamA National Military Family Association 12.8K @military_family
AAPG American Association of Petroleum Geologists 11.7K @AAPG
NWA National Weather Association 11.5K @nwas
ASISInternational ASIS International 11.4K @ASIS_Intl
ASHPOfficial American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 11.3K @ASHPOfficial
NACCHO National Association of County and City Health Officials 11K @NACCHOalerts
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 10.8K @aashtospeaks
pharmacists American Pharmacists Association 10.8K @pharmacists
AmeriBev American Beverage Association 10.6K @AmeriBev
NAWBONational National Association of Women Business Owners 10.6K @NAWBONational
ans_org American Nuclear Society 10.3K @ans_org
ASA_CSSA_SSSA American Society of Agronomy 10.1K @ASA_CSSA_SSSA

CORRECTION: An earlier version of the table in this post contained inaccurate information for the National Association of Broadcasters. It has been updated with the correct information.

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