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Actions Available in our Advocacy Software

Tweet an Official

Advocates can send Tweets to their lawmakers right from a public facing page on your website. Give them a blank canvas, or provide them with all 280 characters.

Facebook an Official

Have your advocates post directly on their representatives’ Facebook pages to make an even greater impact.

Act on a Regulation

Let your advocates comment on open documents on Regulations.gov directly from your Engage microsite. You can target any of the 300,000+ documents from over 40 federal and state agencies and sub-agencies hosted on Regulatons.gov, and track who took action.

Write a Letter

Have advocates send messages to federal, state, and local officials (and candidates). You can provide the entire text of the letter, or make it editable by the advocate. Each letter is tailored to the recipient (so a U.S. senator will never receive a letter addressed to a congressman).

Sign a Petition

Great for building your membership list. Have members sign their name electronically to support your cause.

Make a Call

Provide advocates with lawmakers‘ phone numbers and a set of talking points on your issue. After the phone call, they’ll be presented with a feedback form so they can share how the call went with you.

Register to Vote

Have your advocates register in their voting district directly from a public facing page on your website. We handle all the logistics.

Share a Story

A unique way to engage advocates. Have them write personal testimonials or share experiences, which you can then showcase on a public facing page on your website.

Why You Need This

Mobilize your grassroots

Educate and rally your supporters with legislative resources and multiple grassroots calls-to-action, including social media activities.

Be a resource

Create an action center and send personalized emails to keep your supporters updated on important news and legislation.

Track and report

Use our dynamic reports and dashboards to improve your campaigns over time and report back to stakeholders on performance.

You’re in good company


Here are just a few of the clients we serve:

You’re in good company

Here are just a few of the clients we serve:

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